With a collapsing economy it might be difficult to feel festive during the holidays, so it just might be time for some apocalyptic floods, fish die-offs, a case of cold cheap beer, and a tilapia cook off! Come join John Waters, Sonny Bono, Donald the Nudist, Hunky Daddy the Hungarian Revolutionary, and all the other eccentric characters in the award winning documentary PLAGUES & PLEASURES ON THE SALTON SEA.

The DVD just so happens to be the perfect gift this holiday season, for a weirdly cheap $19.95!

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"One-of-a-kind documentary...
A startlingly funny portrait of Gothic Americana."

- Christian Science Monitor

"A heartbreaking, sidesplitting parade of humanity."
- Village Voice

"Droll, deadpan... A fascinating, nutty story,

a kind of Chinatown gone wrong (or gone more wrong.)

- Chicago Tribune

Selected by Booklist as one of the
Top Ten Environmental DVDs of 2008

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For history buffs, Salton Sea lovers, and those that appreciate value.

- The DVD PAST PLEASURES AT THE SALTON SEA, our new Salton Sea historical DVD.
- The book GREETINGS FROM THE SALTON SEA, an excellent selection of photography and text about the Sea's unique place in the history and lore of the American West. All for a very cheap $34.95!

For the politically minded and/or environmentally friendly person on your list, get a 3 month, 6 month, or year long subscription to the IRONWEED FILM CLUB.

Every month they will receive a DVD with 2 or 3 new documentaries on social, political, or environmental subjects, with unique characters and interesting stories. They get a surprise every month in their mailbox! The FIRST MONTH is FREE (well actually only $2.95 for shipping) and they also receive a FREE copy of the Ironweed Edition of PLAGUES & PLEASURES.

The ultimate Christmas gift for any Hungarian or black sheep in your family.This special combo includes:

- DVD of "Plagues & Pleasures" AUTOGRAPHED BY HUNKY DADDY! And he touched it too!
- Framed DEAD TILAPIA for home or office.
- "The Monster That Challenged the World" DVD - a 1950s sci-fi movie shot and set at the Salton Sea.
- "Plagues & Pleasures" Beach Ball for salty barnacle beaches or your own local watering hole this winter.
- And a special SURPRISE GIFT for only $149.95!

The Salton Sea Emporium also features an exciting selection of dead things, Salton Sea punk music, and other delightful gifts. CLICK HERE to get the party started.

Here is a quick update from the Salton Sea.  While restoration on Albert Frey’s famed North Shore Yacht Club is soon to begin, unfortunately the North Shore Motel couldn’t be saved and was demolished earlier this month.


Also, SPEED WEEK is taking place this weekend, so get your butt down to the Salton Sea and check out some hard core speed boat race action! The races will take place December 5th, 6th, and 7th.

Here is a selection from the Tilapia Film vault. We shot this music video down at the Salton Sea in 1996 for the band Third Day. The video went on to win a Billboard Magazine Music Video Award. For those who have asked us if we have ever swam in the Salton Sea... well you can check this video out and find your answer. We think the whole crew and band ended up getting in the water, including Springer's brother, who was in charge of collecting dead fish.

If the video above doesn't show, you can WATCH THE CLIP HERE.

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In this holiday season, peace and forever saltiness!!!

Metzler & Springer